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    Moon Plate


    Moon Plates are made of natural stone, so each one is different.

    When placed in the fridge, the marble plate keeps food cool for longer; when heated in the oven, the lava plate keeps food hot for longer.

    The plate comes with a silicone ring which serves as a coaster.

    A small concavity in the center of the plate can be used for serving spices.

    The minimalist form is perfect for presenting dishes and will look great on every table.

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    Moon Plate is a multipurpose stone serving dish, a centerpiece for a table. Its round form is reduced to the essentials, letting the beauty of material play a significant role. A small round concavity can be used for serving olive oil, dressings or spices. Temperature absorption of chosen stones is key to the product's functionality – it can be used as a cooling plate after being chilled in the fridge (marble), or as a baking stone in the oven (lava).

    Crafts & Materials Set of 2

    Handcrafted marble stone or lava stone.

    Black silicone ring pad.

    More about crafts & materials

    The designer —
    Gosia Rygalik
    from Poland

    Designer / Gosia Rygalik


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