material / porcelain


About craft and material

The Sudetes or Tatra polish mountains largely consist of metamorphic rocks, transformed from other minerals by high heat and pressure. We will not find two identical rocks in nature, nor any that are perfectly uniform in their volume. This metamorphism is key in translating the processes taking place in nature into those we go through when creating porcelain.

Porcelain without glaze reveals its internal structure, providing a glimpse into its creation. A careful observer will be able to spot and analyze it. He will - for instance - notice the effect of grain size segregation on the process of material compaction during the formation of new crystalline phases.

Without a layer of glaze, direct access to this recrystallized mineral is possible, offering us a chance to process and control it. This is done by properly selecting the proportion of minerals and overseeing the temperature of the manufacturing process. But, demanding perfect uniformity from this material would be underestimating it. We hope you will love it as much as we do.