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    Vent Table


    Exceptional and innovative process of preparing aluminum for anodizing resulted in a matt finish (instead of the more common shiny finish).

    Subtle, velvety surface finish.

    Anodized aluminum guarantees better scratch resistance of Vent Table.

    Dee table can be used as a night table or a sofa side table.

    The unique form turns the table into a small work of art.

    The table top, made of aluminum slats, was inspired by a ventilation grille. It is handmade with a jeweller-like precision and craftsmanship.

    Available in silver, blue and black finish.

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    Vent Table’s graphic quality is created by a linear array of offset aluminium slats, slightly inset into its cylindrical base. The stark contrast between the two elements is softened through the table’s uniform thickness and ultra-matte anodised finish.


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