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    Dee Table


    Exceptional and innovative preparation process of aluminum for anodizing resulted in a matt finish (instead of the more common shiny finish).

    Subtle, velvety surface finish.

    Anodized aluminum guarantees better scratch resistance of Dee Table.

    Simple, timeless design which will fit any space.

    Thanks to its perfect height, the table can be used as a night table or a sofa side table.

    Available in silver, blue and black finish.

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    The simple form of aluminium d-shaped side table resonates its modern look. It has a very unique character that transcends onto the interior. Special advantage of anodised aluminium includes corrosion and scratch resistance. 

    The designer —
    Fabio Hendry & Martijn Rigters
    from Switzerland & The Netherlands

    Designer / Henndry & Rigters

    — What does simplicity mean to you?
    It is the ideal narration; an account of organised and connected events of forms and materials, with a chronicle start and an end.

    — What do notions like timelessness or durability mean to you?
    Products with individual and original characters, created with distinctive moral reasons beyond functionality and aesthetic.

    — What would you consider the perfect product?
    A product you want to keep a lifetime which can be thrown away any time it stops functioning.

    — What sort of item would you consider passing on to your grandchildren? How would you describe it?
    A ruler, a pen and a drill.

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